This New Kilay Trend Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Believe it or not, this new kilay trend has been creating a wild fire online and it’s taking over every girl’s online feed.

This new kilay trend first circulated on Instagram when a makeup artist from Finland named Stella Sironen tried the eyebrow style and posted it on her feed. Apparently, Sironen didn’t expect it to create a fuss.

In her post, she ‘jokingly’ told her followers to follow and remake the ‘new’ trend and use it everyday. Little did she know that every one would love it! It was featured by various media outlets around the world with the name “feather brows”.

Sironen expressed gratitude to the people about the hype of the Feather Brows trend she created. Her photo now has over 40,000 likes. This, according to Teen Vogue, is “one of the most brow-raising (no pun intended) beauty trends of late.”

How would you do it? You would just “parted [it] down the middle” for it to literally look like a feather instead of filling it out. It would better stick in place and look more like a feather with… GLUE STICK. Yep, you’ve read that right! Stella wants to do it the old way.

Seems like brows will look cool if bushy.

And if you have thin eyebrows, you can match it with glitters.

Or try it with vivid colors!

Whichever way preferred, so long it suits one’s personal style, it’s best to go for it!