This Man’s Photography Skills Is What Singles Need This Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s day!

A day where roses are simultaneously sell across the streets, love balloons are up in the air and an empty pocket at the end of the day.

Lovers have their own way to celebrate the day of love. Some may go to an expensive restaurant, some may watch how the romantic sun sets at Manila bay, and some are just good with Netflix and chill.

If lovers are busy as bees this day, does it mean that singles’ job is to just like and share loved-up photos on social media?

Well, this Thai man has some insane creativity and photo taking skills that breaks the stereotype that Valentines are for lovers only.

Checkout these sweet moments of a young man with his “alleged” girlfriend captured in photos.

So sweet till you found out how the photo were taken.

See, we can all celebrate love this valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s day!