This Hotel In Baguio Is Peak Instagram-Worthy

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Aside from the cold weather, fresh strawberries, and their well-loved strawberry taho, Baguio City a.k.a the Philippine’s summer capital has more in store for us, especially for those who are very particular about aesthetic because, #AestheticIsLife, aye?

Inside Barangay Lualhati is the Kamiseta Hotel, a sprawling multi-level estate that looks something out of the Renaissance era. It is widely-known for its stylish motif and over-the-top furnishings that’ll surely give Marie Antoinette a run for her money.

Kamiseta has always been one of the top trendsetters in the Philippine fashion industry with its iconic chic and classy designs, it is without a doubt that the brand definitely showcased their iconic and stylish aesthetic in their hotel.

We’ve handpicked and listed down parts of the oh-so pretty Kamiseta hotel that are sure to bring delight to your eyes and of course, your Instagram feed.

1. The Facade

The big and shiny letters located at the hotel’s entrance gate is hard to miss. In contrast to that, the main structure’s simple white facade is surrounded by rich greenery and complemented with a royal blue front door, which displays the brand’s iconic logo.

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