This Hilarious Face Changing App Will Surely Give You A Good Laugh

A lot of selfie apps are taking social media by storm. Apps that instantly make you a beauty queen, an astronaut, unicorn and even into a dog. There is nothing you can’t do to your face right now using selfie apps.

FaceApp, is one of the most popular face-changing app in town. Using this app, you can alter your gender, age and even add smile to your selfie.

To use FaceApp, you can take a selfie or get a saved photo at your Gallery or camera roll and begin to alter it using a neutral-network technology.

FaceApp is capable of crafting your photo/selfie to make you look younger, older or even swap your gender.

But there are some social media post that FaceApp doesn’t work on babies and it has a racist filter.

The app isn’t perfect. But if you’re stuck in the traffic or had a low day. This app will surely make you smile.

FaceApp is available for download at Apple store and Play store for free.