This Gingerbread House Is Just In Time For The “Ber” Season

Christmas is fast approaching and the “Ber” season is just around the corner.

While people start to hang up Christmas lights, set up Christmas trees, and begin the countdown for Christmas, this Ginger Bread House in Tagaytay is just so perfect for the “Ber” season.

For only P30 per person, every visitor can already tour around the big space of this two-storey structure which can be found at Palumlum, Alfonso, specially made for kids and kids-at-heart.

As this house resembles a baked goodie called gingerbread, they also sell a bunch of chocolates, cookies, biscuits, and sweets for a reasonable price. A restaurant can also be seen on the ground floor while an area for small children is provided on the second.

Even couples and adults can truly enjoy this place because of a number of stations where you can get your nails done and experience fish spa. Moreover, visitors can enjoy the greenery and breathtaking view of the place.

As much as the entrance fee costs cheaper than any other tourist places around Alfonso and Tagaytay, the foods offered costs a little expensive. So if you’re planning to visit this Gingerbread House, you may prepare your wallet or bring your own food and eat it outside the venue.

What’s exciting every month of December is that they let artificial snow rain every Christmas season. This is why large crowds often gather during this month to visit this unique place in Alfonso.

PHOTO CREDIT: @TheQueensEscapePH

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