This European-Inspired Drink Is Your New Gin Fix

“Pink Gin” may sound novel and fancy, but Europeans have been enjoying this drink for centuries. Also called “Pink Plymouth,” it is believed to have been invented by the British Royal Navy in the mid-19th century. The cocktail gets its monicker from a dash of Angostura bitters—a dark red tonic popularly used by seafarers to treat motion sickness—that renders the concoction pink.

The great thing about Pink Gin is that it is sweet and light enough to be enjoyed not just as a nightcap but a delicious drink virtually any time of the day. Pink Gin is perfectly coupled with a side of bacon and eggs for brunch, or with some strawberries and citrus cuts for an energizing fruit snack. At dinnertime, it is a great aperitif and prelude to a full and satisfying meal of steak, perhaps.

You can recreate the elegance and sophistication of this drink using a nice, clear alcohol base like The BaR Pink Gin mixed with berries. For added fizz, you can add club soda or clear lemon soda. If you’re feeling sophisticated with your friends, use a few drops of red wine or better yet, rose champagne or Prosecco.

And with Filipinos being big on Gin, the fruity flavour and interesting colour of Pink Gin just brought Gin-gaming to a whole new exciting level. With the colour Pink representing the free-spirit and energy of the millennials, it is truly the perfect kick to represent youth and tenderness. Pink Gin is the epitome of the millennials spirit of being ‘kinda classy and kinda hood”.

Invite your friends to experience Europe at the comfort of our turf. This drink is perfect for a ‘Pink Party’ where you can glam up in your berrylicious pink outfits and just enjoy the night! Celebrate life and the vibe of youthfulness because Pink Gin is here to change the night-life game.

The BaR Pink Gin was launched yesterday, September 12 at The Island in BGC. You can buy a bottle of this premium gin for only Php 95. You can avail this in and all 7-11 stores nationwide.

Just as Italians enjoy liquor with their morning coffee or how Parisians cannot do without wine on their lunch break, Pink Gin is light and refreshing enough as an all-around, all-occasion cocktail. Celebrate any time you want. Try this gin for the new generation!