This ‘Edible Water Bottle’ Could Save Future Generation From Plastic Pollution

This latest technological breakthrough will put an end to plastic packaging and saves the world from extensive plastic pollution.

“Ooho!” is an edible water bottle aims to replace plastic containers that pollutes land and bodies of water every day. This water ball is a biodegradable and made from seaweed extract. It also has natural casing that can be directly consume by people. It tastes like a normal water though flavors can be added to it.

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Skipping Rocks Lab, the company behind this “green idea” was composed of three design students based in London. The company aims to make environment-friendly projects in the future.

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The company also states that the material used in creating “Ooho!” is cheaper than the cost of producing a plastic water bottle or container.

You can consume this ‘edible water bottle’ by peeling off its first layer.

This project has raised over £500,000 on a crowdfunding site Crowdcube.

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