This Beach Bar In Croatia Serves Beer For Dogs

Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar Crikvenica in Croatia is generous enough to combine probably two of the most comforting things in life. What are those, you may ask? Well, brace yourself as this beach resort welcomes dogs and their owners wholeheartedly. They serve beer for humans and dogs, too!

The bar is shaped like a giant dog house and serves dog pizza, dog ice cream, and dog herbal tea aside from the dog beer. Don’t worry guys, the beer’s non-alcoholic and is “brewed” from chicken and vegetables!

Monty’s is located in Podvorska Harbor on the Adriatic Sea and opened just last year. Since then, they have been happily serving dogs and their owners but their resort resounded even more when they held their first dog race. The race is for both the dogs and the owners wherein they had to run down a pier, jump into the water, and swim 100 meters back to the shore. Fifteen dogs joined the race and the winner was a four-year-old mixed breed named Nimbus.

After the race, the dogs can enjoy the beach all by themselves and those who do not own dogs are very much welcome too!

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