Thinking Of A Surprise For Dad? A Trip Will Do The Trick!

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Despite the curfews and the cheesy “dad jokes,” we all know our fathers deserve the world. What better way to spend priceless bonding time with dad than with a trip specially made for him?

Plan the perfect Day Out with Dad! Here are great ideas to make pop feel special whole year round.

For our Dads who live for the outdoors

Nothing makes Dad happier than reconnecting with nature. Get his adrenaline pumping with a trip to these postcard-worthy spots:

Icy Adventures in Iceland: Steaming geysers, black lava beaches, Northern Lights —you’ll never be short on activities for your adventurous Dad.

Nature Hopping in Bicol: Beyond majestic Mt. Mayon, Bicol is also home to enchanting caves, waterfalls & beaches. Plus, a road trip with Dad is always a good idea!

For our Dads who are the biggest sports fans

NBA, Super Bowl, FIFA — he’s crazy for all of ‘em. Surprise Dad with a tour of the cities where some of the most iconic moments in sports took place:

Score a goal in Barcelona: A paradise for football fanatics, take dad on a tour of iconic stadiums & museums or even better, catch a game or two!

Shoot hoops in Los Angeles: Historic coliseums, UCLA, the Lakers — LA has a little bit of everything for fans of any sport from basketball to football (or, well…soccer).

For our Dads who are amazed by history

Travel is the best way to relive centuries passed. Indulge Dad’s dreams of being the next Indiana Jones by diving into these history-packed escapes:

Temple Run in Siem Reap: Give Dad a glimpse of the Khmer Empire with a visit to Angkor’s ancient temples.

Explore Lost Cities in Peru: Also known as The Lost City of the Incas, a trek up the mysterious Machu Picchu will surely blow Dad’s mind away!

For our Dads who are closet food connoisseurs

Does Dad fancy himself as the next Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver? Satisfy his love for delicious food & drink with these mouth-watering adventures:

Share a Pint in Dublin: Take the whisky tour at Old Jameson Distillery and beer tour at Guinness Storehouse. It’ll be his best day ever!

Eat All You Can in Taipei: Xiao long bao, anyone? Sample the city’s must-eats from its popular street food to its rich regional cuisine.

For our Dads who are kids at heart!

Nothing says quality bonding time more than screaming together in a rollercoaster. Share thrills and laughter with pop in these theme park getaways:

Scream your lungs out in Singapore: Here’s a challenge: Dare Dad to try out every single ride at Universal Studios & Sentosa Island.

Drive Ferraris in Abu Dhabi: Rollercoasters & sports cars? Yes, please! Dubai’s Ferrari World Adventure has everything you need for the perfect day out with your cool Dad.

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