They Calmed Down: Taylor And Katy Replace Feud With Food

Just in time for Taylor Swift’s new music video, “You Need to Calm Down”, it seems that the skies have finally cleared for Taylor and Katy to be friends again (in fast food costumes).

Much has been speculated over their not-so-subtle catfight, but Taylor says that she has always been iffy about her relationship with Katy. Even before the unspoken mess of tension hit the fan, Katy’s treatment of Taylor left Taylor clueless and confused: were they friends or enemies? Did Katy just give her a low-key compliment or the worst insult of her life?

But it all bubbled over when, according to Taylor, Katy attempted to “sabotage” her arena tour in 2014 by stealing her backup dancers. Since then, Taylor had tried to avoid Katy at all costs. Katy, however, put it differently in a statement she gave last year: she maintained that Taylor started the feud and so should be the one to finish it.

Like most other matters concerning celebrities, there is no way for us to find out who’s right and who’s wrong; if you’re curious to know each of their sides, check out Taylor’s “Bad Blood” and Katy’s “Swish Swish”. In any case, what’s important now is that there seems to be “peace at last”, according to a batch of cookies baked by Taylor and posted by Katy on June 12.

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This reconciliation has been the result of a process which dates back to last year when Katy sent Taylor an olive branch, which Taylor then proceeded to tweet about.

“You Need to Calm Down” presents a double-edged sword by celebrating both the LGBTQ+ community and women empowerment, all for an overarching vision of love, acceptance, and mutual support. Tayor sings, “I’ve learned the lesson that stressing and obsessing ’bout somebody else is no fun.” Ultimately, Taylor says, let’s stop bringing other people down, all with the support of stars of the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Reynolds, RuPaul, Hayley Kiyoko, the “Queer Eye” cast, and many more. The video is rent with references to pop culture and current events.

Photo Credit: “You Need to Calm Down” Music Video

And as a grand finale, Katy edges towards Taylor with an expression of past hurt healed. Katy and Taylor now go together like a Moschino-designed hamburger with fries: they replaced the feud with food.

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