The Try Guys’ Eugene Lee Yang Comes Out In Beautiful Choreography

Elegant, brave and powerful. All beautifully achieved without actually using words to finally tell the world that he is proudly gay.

Eugene Lee Yang, former Buzzfeed content creator and 1/4 of the popular internet group “The Try Guys”, has come out to the world by sharing a YouTube video that magnificently captures both his and the LGBTQ+ community’s struggles within the current society we all live in. The video, which is also in-partnership with The Trevor Project (a suicide prevention organization for the LGBTQ+ youth), has already managed to gain up to 6 Million views as well as raise close to $56,000 (at least as of June 17th).

With captivating music by American electro-pop duo ODESZA playing throughout the entire video, Eugene dances his story—his journey—alongside a few other people who act as either his family, friends or the rest of world’s society that has played a part in his over-all formation as the person he is today. What he managed to create, is not only a choreography that showcases his life thus far but also a choreography that can speak to those who are still living in shame and fear of accepting who they truly are.


The video starts with Eugene, in a striking red outfit (which can symbolize the strong emotions he already felt as a young child), beginning the choreography in a pose akin to a family portrait. Beside him is his family who are all dressed in what seems to be grey formal attire possibly symbolizing their initial detachment (as the color grey typically signifies) towards his “unusual” ways growing up. At first, all seems to be happy as seen with him having all smiles and laughs with his siblings and mother before the camera angle pans over to his father drinking alcohol and seemingly shouting at them in a disciplinary way. Eugene continues to dance with his mom and sister and was about to put on his mother’s lipstick when his father and brother march into the scene. His father slaps the lipstick right out of his hand before proceeding to also slap him across the head, gives him a hard stare and leaves as his brother helplessly leaves him as well.

In the next scene, Eugene dances his way in Church setting as the priest or minister corrects his posture before proceeding to preach quite passionately. Meanwhile, Eugene is seen to be quietly just sitting down on the pew as if in a resigned manner.


The whole color atmosphere transitions into that of yellow (which can symbolize optimism and youthfulness). A glowing energy radiates from Eugene as he first dances with a female partner before switching to a male one and their subsequent dance together can perfectly symbolize the desires and passions one typically feels with young love.


Eugene is then seen to be in an all-out green glamor drag look (which can symbolize growth) as he meets up with friends who are all equally dazzling in glitter and colors at what is possibly a bar. Nonetheless, the party is soon disrupted when a man holding up a finger gun, an obvious trope for the violence the LGBTQ+ community faces on a daily, enters the bar space. Suddenly, all of Eugene’s friends disappear in shot which may either mean they ducked out of fear and safety or that they fell victim in the hands of a murderer (one may even remember the Orlando nightclub shooting which just recently hit its 3-year mark last June 12th).


The next scene sees Eugene, shirtless, being beaten up by people as he cowers in bloody pain. His family then reappears as he desperately reaches out to them and although, at first, his mother and brother try to get him up he is only left back on the floor all bloodied and bruised as his father stops them from helping him. A brief but impacting top shot view of Eugene struggling is showed before he immediately gets up and the scene transitions once more.


Finally, we see Eugene glamorized in blue (which may symbolize trust and loyalty) this time around. He walks into a sea of people with most shoving and shouting right at him and others while a rare few are seen to be comforting him. As the rowdy crowd moves all the way to the back, possibly showing the still ever-so-present tensions and fights between the LGBTQ+ community and those in society who just can’t seem to accept them for who they are, the camera finally zooms into Eugene and his tell-all expression.

At first, his face expresses simple fear and anxiousness from the arguing crowd behind him. Eventually, it changes into that of determination as he stares right into the camera—right into us—as if to say, no matter what happens, he’s going to keep on standing tall and proud as part of this welcoming community whose only apparent “fault” is in choosing to listen to their heart.

The video ends with Eugene and his friends posing on screen as the credits roll.