The Original Wives Face A Series Of Battles In D’ Originals

More viewers are getting hook with the story of Josie, Sofia, and Marge in GMA Afternoon Prime’s D’ Originals.

The war is on as Josie (Jaclyn Jose), Sofia (Kim Domingo), and Marge (LJ Reyes) bounce back from the heartaches caused by the infidelities of their respective husbands.

After Josie and husband Lando (Jestoni Alarcon) went their separate ways because of Yvette (Katrina Halili), Lando’s business started dwindling. To save his security agency, he decides to sell the land owned by him and Josie. But instead of buy-and-sell, a riot takes place between Josie and Yvette. Who will get hurt this time?

Meanwhile, Josie’s boss Greg (Gardo Versoza) seems to be falling for her. But Lando will not allow Greg’s plans to materialize. It seems jealousy will get ahead of Lando.

It came as a big shock to Sofie (Kim Domingo) when she found out that it was Alice (Meg Imperial) whom Art (Archie Alemania) married first. Art survives the plane crash but comes back with amnesia, remembering only Alice in his life. How far will Sofia go to fight for what is supposed to be hers?

Marge (LJ) also makes a comeback to get even with her sister Cristina (Lovely Abella) and her husband Caloy (Mark Herras). But is her revenge the answer to heal the wounds caused by the people close to her?

D’ Originals airs weekdays after Legally Blind on GMA Afternoon Prime.