The First Unicorn Cafe In The Philippines Is A Rainbow Wonderland

We’ve seen numerous adorable unicorn cafes around the world, one of the most recent is Thailand’s Unicorn Cafe. But who said you have to hop on a plane to experience a day of rainbows and glitters? Just a few hours drive away from Manila, Dreamy “Unicorn” Cafe can be found in Malolos, Bulacan. Just like other unicorn-themed cafes, Unicorn Dream is a pastel wonderland.

Not only is a mountain of unicorn dolls available for some cuddle time, but unicorn onesies can be used by anyone who wants to grab a snack and drop by. But the fun and Instagram-worthy corners of the cafe isn’t just dependent on the unicorns, their menu is a delectable palette of pastel treats. Their waffle is a fun play of mint green and powder pink hues, topped with strawberries and a scoop of ice-cream.

For an added flair, the cafe lights up colored lanterns and fairy lights to keep the ambience cozy. And just in case you want more cuddle time, there are sofas filled with fuzzy pillows to keep you snug.

Photo Credit: Beru Kashiragu and Lhynzie Remegio Fernandez

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