Summer Is Not Yet Over With The Newest Products From Pinkberry

The summer season maybe ending soon as we all go back to our daily routine of going to school or heading to work but Pinkberry has stirred up new items that would give us the sweetest end to the summer months. After more than five years of bringing frozen yogurt in the country, Pinkberry will be launching its newest product called Pinkbee’s.

Coming from its name, Pinkbee’s is a combination of creamy low-fat ice cream that is served with honey and Peppero stick. Aside from the sweet add-ons, Pinkberry also offers honeycomb on the topping bar for the first time ever!

Moreover, there will be 7 amazing Pinkbee’s and topping combinations available such as:

1. Honey Honey – Pinkbee’s with honey and honeycomb
2. Honey Mochi – Pinkbee’s with honey and mochi
3. Choco Pearl – Pinkbee’s with dark crisp pearls and chocolate sauce
4. Crazy Nuts – Pinkbee’s with caramel and toasted almonds
5. Tropical Mango – Pinkbee’s with mango and honey
6. Honey Gold – Pinkbee’s with honeycomb and honey gold flakes
7. Berry Heaven – Pinkbee’s with strawberry, blueberry and pomegranate or strawberry puree

Mark your calendars because these drool-worthy desserts from Pinkberry will be available starting May 29 with over seven stores in Metro Manila.

And for those Pinkberry fanatics that need a little organizing, Pinkberry will also be introducing its limited edition Pinkberry notebooks, the “12 Days of Summer Notebook.” The first design to be displayed on May 29 has a watercolor theme.

For one to avail this, they must avail a complete 12 stamps composed of 6 stamps for Pinkbee’s and 6 stamps for Pinkberry yogurt products that worth at least 300 pesos. Promotion will start on June 2 and will end on August 4, 2017.

Don’t miss out on a little yogurt treat before heading back to classes, and make sure to bring their colorful notebooks once classes finally start!