Stalk No More: IG Screenshot Update Prevents You From Stalking

Instagram added a new feature in their app, this will let you consider about stalking your crush or anyone.

A new screenshot alert feature was added in the new Instagram update. This feature will alert the people who will screenshot their pictures or videos. The feature aims to provide the user alerts on the user whenever someone screenshot or records in their Instagram. The developer also added a warns their Instagram users that their habit of screenshot ting is no longer private.

According to the Instagram developers, they are always testing and improving the experience on Instagram. They wanted to make it easier for the users to share their moment to the people they love and matters to them.

The developers may be experimenting or trying if it really notifies the Instagram stories’ owners when someone screenshots or records their stories. Some of the users may not be approving with this new features since it restricts them, or they might cut or stop watching Instagram stories because of the IG story alerts.

The developers already provides users the notifications using the direct messaging feature.

Netizens where shock about the new update and some of them were disappointed but some of them approves the new features.

But there is a technique to bypass this security, Instagram users should set their phone in airplane mode and they can screenshot the story already.

For you is it really to appropriate to add a feature like this or do they need to add a feature more relevant than this?