Spoil Mom, She Deserves It: 10 Trips Made For You And Your Mom

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. But hey, admit it, our super moms should be celebrated all year round. Instead of the usual flowers-cards-dinner combo, why not arrange a vacation she’ll never forget?

Plan a heartfelt getaway with Larga for you and mom anywhere in the world. Below are just some ideas. After all, your momma deserves the extra pampering any day of the year.

For our Foodie Moms

Whether its bonding over her signature brownies or tasting her latest creations, your best memories with mom took place in the kitchen. Lucky for you, a foodie mom makes for a great travel buddy because they’re always down for new food-ventures! Surprise Mom with a vacation package that includes these gastronomic experiences:

Sushi making class in Tokyo – Learn the delicate art of sushi from top Japanese chefs. Don’t worry, these short courses are often offered in English. They’ll even give you the complete recipe so you can try making the dishes at home! Just remember to book your class at least a day in advance. Check out: 6-Day Scenic Japan – Tokyo, Nagoya, Ibaraki

Wine tasting & olive oil sampling in Tuscany – Reds, whites, dessert-wines, vintages—Tuscany has it all. A wine-lover’s paradise, this region in central Italy is home to top-notch spirits, rolling hills and picturesque vineyards —- the perfect backdrop to just sit back, relax and get (a little) wine-drunk with mom. Check out: 7 Days Italian Cityhoppin’

For our Career Driven Moms

All her life, she’s managed to juggle her career, family, hobbies and social life. She’s proven that being a mom is a full-time job and heck, she’s excellent at it. But we all know it’s about time you give your super mom that well-deserved break. An easy getaway with relaxing in mind will definitely do the trick:

Traditional Massage in Bali – A Balinese massage isn’t your run-of-the mill pampering sesh. It combines gentle stretches and acupressure for both physical & holistic healing. Soothing treatments plus aromatic oils paired with Bali’s relaxing tropical ambience will surely drive mom’s worries away. Check out: 4-Day Bali and Ubud Adventure

Skincare Pampering in Seoul – If you’re familiar with face masks, BB creams, 10-step routines, then you’ll know that Koreans are skincare experts. Indulge mom with the ultimate Korean wellness package with facials, body scrubs, saunas and hair treatments. And don’t forget the best part: K-Beauty shopping haul! Check out: 5-Day K-Beauty & Wellness Experience

For our Shopaholic Moms

If shopping were a sport, Mom would easily be a hall of famer. She’s taught you two important life lessons: the art of haggling and spotting the best bargains. Shopping is practically part of your gene code. Spoil mom with an all-expense paid shopping spree at these retail paradise:

Bargain in Bangkok – Electronics, jewelry, elephant pants, flowers, fried insects—Bangkok’s street markets have a little of everything. The legendary Chatuchak Weekend Market has over 15,000 stalls making it one of the biggest in the world. The best part? You can get everything for low to mid-range bargains. Check out: 4 Days Bangkok Highlights

Shop (& window shop) ‘til you drop in New York – Saks, Barney’s, SoHo, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, shopping in NYC never disappoints. From eclectic shops to sleek designer boutiques, the streets of the Big Apple will just take your breath away. Wear your comfiest shoes because knowing Mom, you’d most likely be there until closing time. Check out: 8 Days US East Cost Tour: New York, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia

For our Artsy Moms

Mom’s happiest when she’s covered in paint, working on her latest masterpiece. Museum dates, concerts and art hubs make her heart flutter with joy. Help her tick off her bucket list with a visit to these world-famous artistic destinations:

Museum Hopping in Paris – Grant Mom’s wish of visiting the Louvre…and 150 more Parisian museums. No pressure. With its baroque architecture, renowned art galleries and gorgeous urban landscape, Paris is without a doubt the ultimate muse. Just make sure Mom has a pen and sketchpad at the ready. Check out: All Inclusive 7 Days Paris Getaway

Street Art Hunting in Melbourne – Sure the city has its own share of art galleries but if you want to show Mom its real artistic treasures, go to the streets. Yup, graffiti like never before. Don’t be fooled because all these epic spray-painting, stencil art, mural masterpieces have easily made Melbourne the street art capital of the world. Check out: 5 Days All-Inclusive Melbourne Holiday

For our Outdoorsy Moms

One of the best things you learned from Mom is to never be afraid of the great outdoors. Mountain trekking, water sports, safaris, name it she’ll do it. Challenge her to these nature adventures that will surely send her adrenaline to the edge:

Escape to Batanes – With its dramatic hills & peaceful beaches, Batanes is pretty much heaven on earth. Aside from its natural beauty, this province offers a series of adventures from island-hopping to exploring spooky Japanese tunnels. But hey, anything to make Mom happy, right? Check out: 3 Days Batanes Spree

Dune Bashing in Dubai – Hold tight because this isn’t a ride for the faint-hearted. Explore Dubai’s desert and dunes in a 4×4 that will beat your typical roller coaster ride. But knowing Mom’s crazy energy, you’re bound to try sand boarding, sand skiing and quad biking, too. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Check out: 5 Days All-Inclusive Dubai with Desert Safari & Dinner Cruise

So, where are you taking your Mom this year? ?

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