Smaller But Mightier – Featuring The Audi A6 Allroad

With bumpy roads inevitably present almost anywhere, anybody who drives or who even dreams of driving would want that car that can be strong enough to take those difficult terrains especially when the luxury of a smooth road is not always present. But, living in a day and age where everything is preferred to be as small and portable as possible, it is to no surprise that when it comes to cars the same preference is also sought for them.

Therefore, Audi introduces their new addition to their A6 series which is the Audi A6 Allroad. The Allroad has the capabilities of a SUV but without having to take its large size. Audi’s official website describes the new A6 as “[like] an Avant, such as comfort and variability, with typical all-road character features such as the quattro permanent four-wheel drive, an emotional driving experience and its striking off-road design.” The car is also said to be faster (providing a 45mm more ride height) and comes with an “off-road” mode that can even further speed up the car especially when driving on rough terrain. A “hill-descent control” is also available which can aid safer driving when faced with steep slopes plus an increase in coverage of underbody protection is also available with this car. Everything else comes in the standard Audi-quality people have come to know, trust and love.

The car goes on sale in August of this year set at an approximate price of P3.61 Million.

Photo Credit: Audi’s Official Website

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