Sharon Cuneta Reveals Her Favorite Bag That Retails For P2 Million

Because of Megastar Sharon’s success in showbusiness, it’s obvious that she can afford almost everything that she desires. Recently, she gave the public a glimpse of her bag collection.

Among these items is her “favoritest bag of the moment”. She posted her purple alligator-skin bag. The megastar captioned, “when I saw it in Milan, Italy a few years ago, my heart melted and I couldn’t leave the store”.

Couldn't think of anything — at least anything new to post — so I'm showing you my "favoritest" bag of the moment. No, it is not a Birkin or a Kelly or anything else Hermés. But when I saw it in Milan, Italy a few years ago, my heart melted and I couldn't leave the store (well I bought lots of other things from them too, so they served me and my squad some good champagne in a nice seating area!). It's more beautiful in person, and I actually LOVE using it more than any of my Hermés, at least for now (Everyone seems to be what I call "Hermésing" so let's let them keep doing that. I still have my 24-year-old Kelly in pristine condition. Got that and others before they became obscenely expensive Hahahaha!). This one is a Louis Vuitton alligator (or is it a croc? Not that it makes any difference to me!) — and it is in a perfect purple shade for a bag! It's not as heavy as a Birkin; just the right weight empty or full. Two handles and a dainty but strong shoulder strap! I stuff it. It has to work hard. Well, it should be able to take all my stuff — cost me a concert and a half's talent fees plus three of my toes and one whole leg! Pamana na ang mga ganito. The best bags will go to the best daughters (or granddaughters!)! But my girls are the best so…you have no idea what my bag collection looks like so let's just say they'll be really happy! Frankie goes around with my 20+ year-old vintage Chanel ostrich bag. She better know how to care for it! For now, this is my baby and constant partner. Thanks for coming up with this, LV! (P.S. Lemme know if you like me posting stuff like this. I don't want to be misinterpreted as making yabang kasi. This is just my life guys – I think that's no secret naman. Born deez wey eh. And my mom was ELAINE. Need I say more? Hahaha! Just lemme know, 'kay? Cos I might be feeling a bit uncomfortable and I won't do it if people take it the wrong way. I do looove my stuff. That's all. Thanks!)

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The Louis Vuitton Alligator bag has a striking purple shade for a bag. She describes that it is not as heavy as Birkin bags. According to her, this bag cost a whopping USD$40,000 or P2,042,960.

In another Instagram post last September 2, she gave a shoutout to all “Bagaholics” showing her Yves Saint Laurent Cabas tote bag in pink crocodile leather.

Okay guys — all bagaholics, attention please! Sorry about the quality of the photo. This was taken years ago, and my discreet and super galing personal shopper – who goes around Europe and the U.S. a few times each year to shop for me and her other clients – just sent it to my then Blackberry that belonged to the Jurassic Period! This is a pink crocodile YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) tote (I am an animal lover. But I cannot stand reptiles (but I can stand some snakes), and crocs and gators have made meals out of people, so this is my little way of avenging my fellow human beings! I WEAR the skin of the darn monsters.). I think it is a Cabas. I didn't care about the style or model name – I just saw pink, crocodile skin, and a Y – and I was in love. This one almost cost me one of my own precious children and her father but I bought it anyway and chose the cash option instead. I have used this bag so very many times! Around two or three, I think. Hahaha. I'll use it next, after my LV purple gator (or croc or whatever — damn your teeth! Hah!) that I posted last night. That purple partner of mine? I've owned it for years but am using it only now. Sometimes when I've used a bag for a long time and change, I give it a wipe with a soft cloth and before putting it in its garment bag, say "Thanks! Good job. You've been a good bag. See you again soon!" Then I remember it fifty years later. Sometimes when I go shopping abroad and my make-up artist and friend Peachy, whose memory of things I buy for myself is photographic, is with me, I know I will not buy irresponsibly that day. I tend to immediately gravitate to what my style is that when I sometimes say, "Peach, yun ang ganda gusto ko!" She'll say, "Madam binili na natin yan last year." This pink YSL (Cabas?) is NOT one of those bags. Because when I bought it from my beloved "bes" — the aforementioned personal shopper whom I fondly call "my pusher," she said it was the only one in the U.S.A. Or was it "Universe?" OA naman — baka sa Amerika lang. So there you go! Enjoy! Mahanap nga bukas ito. Magdadasal muna kami ni Yaya.

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She said that this bag is the only one in America and she is delighted to have the bag to herself. When asked how much the tote bag was, she joked that it almost cost one of her precious children and her father but she chose to the cash option instead.

Aside from these two beautiful luxury bags, Sharon owns 30 Hermes Birkin bags, each one costing USD$10,000-40,000, or P500,000 and up. Before ending her post, Sharon told her followers that it wasn’t her intention to brag but just to share.