Set Your Profile Pic As A GIF With Tinder’s New “Loops”

Looking to get more right swipes on your Tinder profile? Well, Tinder just released Loops, a new way to let you spice up your profile and show a bit more of yourself to your potential matches.

Starting this month, Tinder users will finally be able to set a two-second looping gif as their profile picture. The gifs, which are called “Loops”, was officially rolled out by Tinder last July 5.

Creating a Loop is simple: Upload a video to the app first and then you can start editing it in the app to get the perfect two-second Loop that you want.

Here is a sample of how it looks:

Tinder also announced that they will be changing the number of photos that users can put on their profile from 6 to 9, so that you’ll be able to keep the photos that you love along with your new Loops.

This new feature is only available for iOS devices as of the moment.