See A Spectacular ‘Tableaux Vivant’ In The Pageant Of The Masters In California, USA

Have you been wanting to see those medieval art you see in museums come to life? Then come visit the Pageant of the Masters festival in California where literally all the magic can happen!

The spectacular Pageant of the Masters is an annual festival held by the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, California. The event is well-known for its Tableaux Vivants, a series of classical and contemporary works of art recreated by real people.

Visitors confess that the event can really make you understand the essence of the original artwork.

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Since the very first festival in the 1930s, the Pageant of the Masters have now evolved into a terrific degree of showmanship. This has turned Laguna Beach into an enormous art gallery.

The whole Pageant itself is sensitively artistic and literate, from the history of the photo to the costumes and still-portrayals of people in a make-shift frame. Aside from this, it might include stills from classic ballets, slapstick comedy, and many more.

The event would also make you realize the beauty of appreciation as taking photos or cameras are not allowed.

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Aside from this, there are different fun activities you can enjoy during the eight week duration of the festival. Your stay will surely be worth it as you partake the festivities.

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