Secretary Aguirre Announces ‘Good News’ At Justice Department

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre announced before some 200 officials and personnel from Batangas and Mindoro island provinces positive developments at the justice department.

Aguirre embarked on his first “greet and meet” session and broke the “good news” for the Calabarzon region and Mindoro Island provinces at the Pontefino Hotel.

The DOJ Secretary announced that the draft Commission on Immigration Law would have its “dramatic impact with the planned increase, across the board, of salary grades for all positions” in the Bureau of Immigration, which would be known as the Commission on Immigration once the law is passed.

Aguirre said a technical working group “is laboring night and day” to submit to Congress next week the consolidated draft of the Commission on Immigration law.

He also expressed full support to the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) efforts to be at the forefront of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against illegal drugs and criminality.

Aguirre said the agency will have more developments under the NBI modernization law.

He also assured that he has the full trust and confidence, including that of the President, for new NBI director Dante Gierran, as he urged the investigation bureau to “continue to be men and women of nobility, bravery and integrity (so they can) reap all the benefits.”

For the public defenders from the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), Aguirre said “you are in good hands with your chief,” citing her plans for the prosecution service.

He also assured to meet PAO officials and employees during their national conference slated this September.

Aguirre also disclosed that for the National Prosecution Service (NPS), the second batch of recommendations for hiring and promotion of deserving prosecutors will be submitted to the Office of the President in the next two weeks.

He said that the harvest of almost 3,600 new lawyers from the latest bar examination serves as a pool of potential hires for all DOJ agencies to augment their manpower.

The loudest cheers, however, came from the secretary’s announcement that the mid-year bonus has been credited to their ATM accounts this May, the Christmas bonus due this December and another proposed milestone bonus for the DOJ’s 120th founding anniversary celebration by September this year.

He praised the DOJ officials and employees for their active cooperation and support in cost saving initiatives, which would redound to the employees’ benefits.

The secretary also assured to equip the field offices with new printers, scanners and computers.

The new printers will upgrade the prosecutor’s offices in Lipa City, Mindoro Oriental, Mindoro Occidental, Batangas City and the Batangas provincial prosecutor’s office.

Around 38 brand new computer units are also allocated for Region IV, 11 for the Mindoro Provincial Prosecutor’s Office and three each for the Office of City Prosecutor in Calapan City and Batangas City Prosecutor’s Office.

Aguirre was accompanied during the first “meet and greet” session with DOJ Batangas and Mindoro officials by Undersecretary Erickson Balmes and Assistant Secretaries Juvy Manwong and Adonis Sulit.

He inspired his DOJ family with a Biblical reference in the book of Joshua 24:15 “as for me and your DOJ family, we shall serve the Lord.” (RM/PNA)

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