Save The Children Launches Christmas Campaign For 2018

As part of its campaign to end malnutrition and hunger and to secure the future of Filipino children, Save the Children officially launched its Christmas campaign for 2018, ‘Lahat Dapat’ on Thursday, October 25, at Ascott Makati.

Supporters of the cause are encouraged to wear the ‘Lahat Dapat’ limited edition red scarf that is available on Save the Children’s website for Php500.00.

For those who will purchase a total of Php1,000.00, aside from the scarf, will get a chance to have their 10-second digital billboard spot along EDSA.

Present during the event is Save the Children ambassadress for this year’s campaign, Miss World Philippines 2018, Katarina Rodriguez.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year’ she said, ‘Last year I was able to donate 40 thousand pesos by selling my old clothes online” the Beauty Queen added.

Rodriguez, who share the same passion with Save the Children, revealed one of the reasons why she decided to join the cause.

“If I were not Miss World/beauty queen, I’d be a mother” Katarina said. “I’ve wanted to do something that would impact even one person’s life. Before I have my own family, I wanted to help the world somehow, and what better way than to help children. I believe in two things; sustainability and education.”