Sandara Park And Her Fancy See-Through Shopping Bag

If we’re talking about a unique sense of style- a kind of fashion that never fails to attract attention from the crowd, then yes, it has got to be the beautiful Sandara Park.

The Korean star was seen doing some casual shopping during one of her free days on her stay in Singapore. By casual in all means, she wore a t-shirt and paired it with jeans, but what clearly stole the spotlight was the fashionable clear vinyl shopping bag from a high-end French brand, Celine.

퇴근 ✌?

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The stylish shopping bag made its first appearance on the runway of Celine’s Spring 2018 earlier this year.

It might be quite simple-looking, but you would not believe how much this cool, designer shopping bag costs.

This chic, see-through shopping bag costs up to $590 or almost PHP30, 600.00

It appears that it is the on-going trend these days among fashion labels this season.

So, maybe if you’re up for showing off what you shop, and where you shop, this trendy see-through shopping bag is for you.

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