Samsung, Folds?

Waiting for the Galaxy Fold? Well you might have to wait even longer for it. Based on the recent things that have been heard, the device might launch after the new Galaxy Note.

With its first launch date of April 24 being delayed, and not being set until now due to the issues that the phone is experiencing, we are uncertain when it will truly be released. There are rumors that the Galaxy Fold would be launched somewhere in August, which would mean that there is a chance that the Galaxy Note 10 would be launched first.

The reason behind the delay is due to them still trying to fix the issue that was originally on the phone, the easy breakage due to the foldability. Pre-orders for this phone have been cancelled.

Will the Galaxy Fold be released before the Huawei Mate X? Will they release more announcements regarding the phone soon? Cancel the phone? Or will they leave it hanging above us, not telling us anything?

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