Ruffles’ “New Rose-Flavored Chips” Made Rounds On The Internet

Ruffles posted their “new” Ruffles Chips with a unique flavor: rose.

Together with the Ruffles’ caption, “You asked. We ‘delivered.'”, people commented and reacted on the said post. Some of them were even shocked that a potato chip could possibly have a “flower” flavor.

Meanwhile, others demanded for more crazy flavors of Ruffles to be released soon.

Despite the excitement that people felt upon reading the online post of Ruffles, only a few of them noticed that everything posted was just a joke.

As others noticed the text written on the image, it says that “Limited time NEVER”. While a handful of people distinguished that Ruffles was just kidding when they told the public that they have a new rose-flavored chips, majority of them still believed that it was true.

Nobody knows if it’s good news or bad, because of course, we still haven’t tasted it yet. But if ever it isn’t, you got us good Ruffles.

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