Rompers For Bros Just Happened And We’re Calling It The “Bromper”

Whoever said that rompers are only for women must have been out of their minds, because clearly a new clothing article for men, more specifically “bros” is filling wardrobe racks everywhere; The “Bromper”. Started by a company on Kickstarter called RompHim, they have broken all gender-specific clothes by creating the ultimate ensemble for men. A lot of their pieces scream Pantone-inspired color and artsy prints. It’s been created as a clothing piece for the daring.

But there is a huge question mark hanging on many men’s minds, how about when they need to rush to the bathroom? There is a zip made specifically for the fly, although it screams utter concentration when doing one’s business, it was the best solution for a bromper.

Looks like women aren’t going to be the only ones romping around in rompers, men are catching up too. And it looks like brompers may just be here to stay.