Reset Or Reconciliation For Migo And Jia In “I Am Not A Robot” Finale?

Will their love story really go on reset after the Migo finally found out that Jia was just pretending to be Aji 3 in the last week of “I am Not a Robot?”

Jia thought she was already off the hook when she convinced Migo that she just modelled for the Aji 3 prototype. But truth was really bound to come out as Migo soon discovered that Jia was wearing the necklace he gave Aji 3.

Feeling very hurt and betrayed, Migo’s condition once again manifested all over his body and had an allergic attack.

How will Jia make it up to Migo? Will Migo ever trust Jia again? How long will Jia fight for her love for Migo?

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