Report Says, iPhone 8 Might Come With Airpods

Many tech aficionados are waiting for the latest addition in one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Apple Inc.

As part of its 10th anniversary, Apple will release the much-awaited iPhone 8.

The latest rumor about the upcoming iPhone 8 can make or break a heart as it might come with the most controversial iPhone accessory, the Airpods.

In the reports, Airpods are still in high-demand, resulting to some delayed online transactions. Thus, Apple is already eyeing possible solutions to avoid the same dilemma in iPhone 8.

Some says Airpods will make iPhone 8 more expensive since it priced at $159 alone.

Aside from the Airpods, iPhone 8 may also have OLED-screened 8, a 5.85-inch edge-to-edge display, an unified home button, 3D-facial recognition, upgraded waterproofing, improved cameras and speakers and wireless charging feature.