The Philippine Red Cross Boracay-Malay Chapter will strengthen its campaign to collect sufficient blood supply in the island.

Newly-installed chapter Chairman Joseph Medina said the establishment of a blood collection unit or station to maintain sufficient blood supply is already in progress.

Medina said blood availability is important to save lives in times of emergencies.

The blood collecting facility will be stationed at the Red Cross office in Manocmanoc.

Meanwhile, Medina urged hotels, resorts and other establishment owners in the island to encourage their staff to volunteer for Red Cross.

“We encourage them to become volunteers and help respond in times of emergency,” he said.

The Red Cross chapter has conducted first aid trainings in different establishment and organizations, he said.

On the other hand, Chapter administrator John Patrick Moreno said the Red Cross is also eyeing to create their own frequency for radio communication.

Moreno said this will ensure faster response in time of emergencies. (PNA) LAP/BS/AJP/KVB/KVB