QCinema’s “Hintayan Ng Langit” Available On Netflix – Review

‘Hintayan ng Langit’ (Heaven’s Waiting), a rom-com feature entry in last year’s QCinema Film Festival is finally available on Netflix. The film’s main cast are veteran actors Eddie Garcia and Gina Pareño. It is based on Juan Miguel Severo’s one-act play and is directed by Dan Villegas.

The slug line of the film as seen on Netflix is “Dead for two years, Lisang awaits the call to join heaven in an overcrowded purgatory and tries to let go of her past — until her ex-boyfriend arrives.”


Before watching, I expected the peg of the film to be Jean Paul Sartre’s “No Exit” where “Hell is other people” and in this case, I expected to see how purgatory is represented by the way people live and how they treat each other – which was not the case.

The mise-en-scène was flawless – the Directors of Photography did perfect in the framing and aesthetics of the film. The modernistic visualization of what purgatory is like (setting was in a hotel) is remarkable as it implicitly speaks about how purgatory is a panandaliang tahanan for the souls and also adapting the airport intercom style to call on the who are already bound for heaven.

Wisdom From Purgatory

We may not really know what purgatory really is like but there is still wisdom to learn from the film.

One quote that will encapsulate the message that I learned from the film is from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Sensible Thing, “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

Aling Lisang, portrayed by Gina Pareño and Mang Manolo, played by Eddie Garcia show that there are indeed many kinds of love that exist and that sometimes life will give us a taste of wrong timing and “the one that got away.” But sometimes love finds a way and “the one that got away” returns and decides to keep its promise.

This film is definitely one for the books and if you want a good cry, then this is a must-see.

Photo credit: Juan Miguel Severo’s Hintayan ng Langit Official Facebook Page

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