Public Warned: Be On Alert Against Fire During Summer Months

Officials of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) asked city residents to be on alert against fire in homes, commercial establishments and forests due to summer months.

City Fire Marshall Basilio Pagulayan said the summer heat could cause fire anytime of the day and the public should be wary of any fire hazards.

“You should know that the intensity of fire doubles every 30 seconds that is why if the temperature in a house at the start of fire is 34 degrees centigrade, it becomes 72 degrees in just 30 seconds, and 144 degrees in another 30 seconds and continues to increase,” he explained.

He said the best prevention against the occurrence of fire would still be vigilance and alertness of households.

Pagulayan said the BFP firemen would provide the public with the immediate response to fire incidents.

“But it must also be coupled and reinforced with the public’s observance of fire safety measures”, he said. (PNA) SCD

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