Prospect Of A Creative Writer

Creative Writing, an imaginative art which expresses itself with words. The books we read and love today are created by the fundamentals learned in creative writing. People try to make this, a hobby that they had into a living, but here in the Philippines, it is not as easy as one would think.

When it comes to the prospect of creative writing, it becomes difficult. Writing stories in it of itself is not a sustainable job. Certainly, you’d get passive income, but the amount you receive from it won’t be as much as you’d need to survive. One would need to have a day-job first before they can survive as a writer.

There’s also the issue a writer will have with his audience, this is more evident when one is writing for the local scene rather than the international scene. When an author tries to write a Filipino story, the local audience will criticize it, saying it is not Filipino enough, and other similar issues. An additional issue we have here is that a percentile of the locals are still counted as illiterate. Though if we’re to tackle it from the view of

However, I feel that when one wants to become a creative writer, they don’t necessarily seek cash or a safe source of income, it acts more as an additional effect to their writing than a primary feature. There is another goal that most writers have, for some, it is to show the world their writing, for others it is to gain awards to prove that their writing is seen as good by others, maybe some see it as a method to lessen the illiteracy rate here in the country.

So yes, their prospect is not that great in this country at least. Creative writing or story writing is only ever really a secondary source of income, or if you’re lucky enough and get enough attention on your stories, then you’ll be able to get a larger amount of passive income. Even then, that’s only a chance with no guarantee.

Don’t let the lack of income turn you away from writing though, as it is, writing is a passionate project which could help a lot of people.

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