Professor Makes The Late Students Dance In Front Of The Class

We know that to wake up early in the morning is what students have to deal with everyday. Well, being punctual is a must in class and showing up late can definitely get you in trouble. Traditionally, professors would reprimand you in front of the class or mark you absent or other harsh punishments that you could imagine.

However, one college professor do it differently. Professor Jonathan Lowndes of Keiser University in Pembroke Pines makes his students dance in front of the class whenever they arrive late.

So, by the time Brandon Goderich (student) came late, he knew he’s gonna need to crank up some moves with as much poise and grace. We all wished that we were in that class to witness it. Luckily, one of her classmates did us a favor by sharing the video on her Twitter account, @_vvanee.

The video immediately went viral where it now has over 11 million views as of writing. For all we know, the video was already the second time that he danced. Brandon himself shared the actual video of his first dance.

So, would you rather dance or be reprimanded in front of the class?

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