Pride Month Profiling: Anonymous Pansexual

This Pride Month, there will be a special focus on members of the LGBTQ+ community, those who we have become close to. The focus of this article had wished to remain anonymous, but shall be identified with female pronouns.

This individual identifies herself as a pansexual, one who is known as a gender-blind individual as they are attracted to people, no matter their gender, sexuality, or their gender-identity. Having been friends with this individual for a few years at this point, and have seen her experience a few things in her time.

As she is, she has done so much already. A part of a theater organization in school, she helps out a lot, especially in terms of costumes and make-up. While doing so, she adjusts accordingly to how the director wants, keeping a strong stance even if everything is falling apart for her.

She acts like one of the boys, while also sticking with the girls. Her flexible personality makes her comfortable to be around with. Her elastic expressions also catch me and my friends off-guard from time to time.

An interesting thing about this individual is her focus on her work over everything else. She will suffer and put herself through pain just to get the job done. This isn’t healthy, but once it is over, she rests and relaxes, waiting for the next work opportunity to pop-up.

There are some times where she becomes sour, this is especially noticeable when you talk about relationships with her. She is someone who is not the type who enjoys having emotions, especially liking or loving someone. However, when you mention it, she will cringe, yet she searches for it quietly.

Now, we talk about the problems that she experiences, or the issues that she would have due to her sexuality. First, there is the familiar feeling of not being accepted due to your sexuality. Something that she had felt for some time, especially with her family. Due to this feeling, she cannot come out to them 100%. There is also a pain when said family makes negative comments regarding the LGBTQ+ community, without knowing that she is a part of said community. It makes her feel unsafe. So whenever the topic comes up, she would have to tread carefully when the topic comes up.

At the same time, for those who do know about her sexuality, she doesn’t experience any bias against it. Certainly, there are people who miunderstand what it means to be a Pansexual, but she uses that as an opportunity to educate the people rather than let them have a bias against her.

I can confirm myself that this is most of the things that she has experienced. In the environment where we most meet, I have yet to see any bias against her; there are certainly the few who poke fun at her sexuality, but in the end it is for good fun, and she herself admits that there is no harm in that.