Pole Dancing: Improving Fitness and Building Confidence

Pole dancing used to be something people only associated with strip clubs or sexy films. Today, it’s become a great form of exercise that not only helps you achieve your fitness goals but also empowers you by building your self-confidence. It may seem daunting to get up on the pole during your first day but many pole dance enthusiasts believe that the challenge is actually what makes pole dancing fun.

Great Way To Get In Shape

Though pole dancing is a full body workout, it is your core and upper body muscles that are developed most. Developing strength in these areas is crucial for pole dancers who eventually move on to higher-level skills and acrobatic tricks. Apart from that, pole dancing also increases your flexibility. The more limber your body is, the less likely you are to experience joint-related problems like back pain and stiff necks.

Another great advantage of pole dancing is that it’s open to people of all ages and sizes. There’s no expected “look” for a pole dancer, only that she should be open to trying new things. However, it is worth noting that pole dancing isn’t something you can pick up from a Youtube tutorial. Having access to the right equipment, proper attire, and the guidance of an experienced teacher can spell the difference between improving your physical fitness and suddenly being injured.

Learning To Love Your Body

Not all forms of pole dancing involve the sensual movements that you may expect to see in movies. Pole dancing as a discipline is composed of three branches: sport, art, and sexy. Some pole dancers may shuffle between these, while others remain dedicated to one throughout their entire practice.

Regardless of which one you end up choosing, the key thing about being in pole dancing is learning to love your body. In pole dancing, you’re expected to wear comfortable yet functional clothing. That means having more skin exposed than you may be used to since it’s your bare skin that will help you grip onto the bar. If you’re particularly conscious about how your body looks, this could be hard to do but if you look around you, everyone in your class may be going through something similar. If anything, the experience is cathartic because you’ll find yourself appreciating your body for what it can do instead of just how it looks.