PM Is The Key To The Middle Class

PM Is The Key To The Middle Class


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Republic Cement Launches Co-Processing Solution Amid PH Waste Management Crisis

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SM – Pasay Tech Voc Scholarship Program Launched

With the launch of the SM - Pasay Tech-Voc Scholarship Program, a full tech-voc scholarship will be awarded to 20 students from financially challenged families.

Online selling has different dimensions. For those who either lost their jobs or had a pay cut due to the pandemic, online selling is a lifesaver. For our community, online selling by our neighbors spares us from going out and risking ourselves to COVID-19 exposure. And then there are those who do online selling to escape boredom.


For our neighborhood, online selling has been a lifeblood because it helps our neighborhood to remain COVID-19 free until now. Not a single case when we are only about 500 meters away from another subdivision that has had more than 20 COVID-19 cases since March.

Our homeowners’ association quickly created a Facebook page for daily advisories which eventually turned to a marketplace too. We literally survived for weeks without going outside, thanks to the entrepreneurs in our subdivision who sold everything from meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, eggs, rice, and other goods.

After more than 100 days in quarantine, online sellers in our neighborhood have already identified their patrons and all it takes is one Facebook PM (private message) to get an order. My brother and I were joking that our community’s online marketplace has already expanded, that it seems like every house is selling something except us. I said that we have no items to sell since all we have in bounty in our backyard is malunggay. Nonetheless, we are happy buyers.
Here are some of my favorite products from my neighbors:

Lifeline of survival and happiness

For my middle class friends and families, online selling is a lifeline for survival or happiness.

My OFW cousin Dingdong, for example, has ventured into online selling of bagnet. While out of work, every penny he earns from online selling is spent for food and other basic necessities. My neighbor seafarer Kevin is also selling various online products while serving as our subdivision’s haircutter. My friend Judith has started an online sandwich business pending resumption of their travel and tourism business.

But there are some that dive into online selling as a lifeline for happiness in this pandemic. They do not need the additional income but they get a certain high from seeing people appreciate their products. Daisy’s bagoong is a runaway winner and was even included in their barangay’s package of relief goods whilst Jen’s desserts are already flying out of the shelves in a matter of hours as soon as she posts on FB that they are available. But when you ask them both how much they earned, they replied they had not done any costing. Cooking and baking was just something they loved to do.

These are just some of a few of my middle class colleagues and friends who are now into online selling. Who would not admire them for their resilience, persistence and positive outlook especially amidst our grim scenario? PM is the key.

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RSA Proposes Extension For Cashless Transactions As Motorists Flock For RFID Installation

"My honest opinion is we will really need at least until February. And that is what we are asking government. To allow us to retain even just a few cash lanes until February.” SMC president Ramon S. Ang says.

Workers Reminds Employers Of 13th Month Payment Deadline Is Dec. 24, 2020

Employers nationwide across all industries are obliged to pay the mandatory 13th month pay of their employees on or before its deadline on or before December 24, 2020.

E. Visayas LGUs Urged To Discover New Potentials In Agri

According to DA Eastern Visayas regional executive director Angel Enriquez, LGUs must go back to their food security development plan and find out what is unique in their respective communities to address food sufficiency in the region.

Tourism Workers May Avail Of Cash Aid, Employment Programs: DOLE

Displaced tourism industry workers, such as tour guides and service staffs are encouraged to avail the financial assistance and emergency employment program of the government.

In COVID-Free Town, Learning Goes On Under The Trees, In Open Spaces

The town of Paglat, which hasn’t had a single case of COVID-19 since the pandemic, is among the few places in the Philippines where learners cope with school work through in-person tutorials.

PRRD OKs Emergency Use Authorization For Covid-19 Drugs, Vaccines

President Rodrigo Duterte has approved the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for drugs and vaccines against COVID-19.

Palace Welcomes LGU Initiative To Buy Covid-19 Vaccines

“We appreciate po and welcome the initiatives of LGUs na maglaan ng sariling pondo para makabili ng bakuna. Ang problema lang po talaga ay iyong availability…” says Presidential Spox Harry Roque.

Over 6K Drivers Sign Subsidy Contracts With LTFRB

A total of 6,286 PUV drivers have joined the the LTFRB's Service Contracting Program (SCP) during its registration and orientation program last week.