PlayStation Revives Our Beloved 90’s Games Through ‘PlayStation Classic’

Good news to all the long-time gamers out there! PlayStation recently announced the launch of ‘PlayStation Classic’ featuring some of the most popular 90’s games!

The PlayStation Classic is a tribute to its past and source of success by reviving its well-loved original PlayStation experience, complete with the classic look: grey color, large power, open and reset buttons, and first generation replica controllers.

Based on the teaser video, the PlayStation Classic console is going to be 45 percent percent smaller than the original, making it more space-efficient.

It will also be pre-loaded with some of our most beloved classic games like Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Jumping Flash and Ridge Racer Type 4, all playable in their original format.

The PlayStation Classic will be released this December at Php6,190.

We’re sure a lot of people will be able to relive their childhood with this box. The PlayStation Classic might just be the perfect Christmas present for you and your family!

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