Playdate: A Blast to the Past

For those who yearn for the older handheld game consoles, such as the Gameboy Color, worry not, as recently, Panic has announced a new handheld console known as the Playdate, following the style of older handheld consoles such as the simple button layout and the black & white screen. The strange thing in its design is the handcrank that could be found on it.

The goal of the Playdate is to be able to occupy the time in-between your phone and your console gaming. It offers a different kind of play to engage audiences in something new. This would be best enjoyed in situations where you are struck with monotony or boredom, and the phone isn’t doing it anymore, or your console is nowhere nearby.

The playdate adopts previous generation console mechanics into the modern day, applying the things that we enjoy now such as no blurring, no lines, and being sharp and clear. The handcrank that comes with it is meant to be utilized in some of the games that would be released on the Playdate.

Speaking of games, the Playdate will feature a unique way of game delivery. According to Panic, games will appear in Seasons, one game a week for 12 weeks. Once the season ends, a new season will begin and one would have to purchase games again. Panic has only revealed one game and plans to keep the rest of the games a secret until they are released. The only game announced is one in their first season, known as Crankin’s Time Travel Adventures, a game made by the creator of Katamari Damacy, Keita Takahashi.

The console is said to launch in the early 2020’s, at a price of $150 USD.

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