#PlaneBae Viral Twitter Thread Sparks Topic Regarding Invasion Of Privacy

Twitter user @roseybeeme, named Rosey Blair, couldn’t help but to document the growing budding romance between strangers that she and her partner witnessed in a flight that they were on through a twitter thread. This caught the attention of the netizens in various social media platforms whom at first were very positive about the matter, even urging Rosey to tell them what happened next.

However, things took to a dark turn when people started to look for the “#PlaneBae” couple’s social media accounts and started harassing them about their supposed romance. The woman in the story ultimately decided to delete all her social media accounts as a result. Upon the realization of Rosey invading the privacy of both strangers, she then deleted the viral twitter saga and wrote a public apology which is mostly directed to the woman.

What started of as sweet & innocent became the exact opposite, and some people could not help but to share their thoughts regarding the incident in which they claimed was not in any way romantic.

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