Philippine Airlines Paints Airbus A350 With Colors Of The Philippine Flag

Blue, red, and yellow pigments touch up the Philippines’ newest pride, the first airbus A350.

In a video shared by the Philippine Airlines on their official social media accounts, the A350 was carefully being painted by red, blue, and yellow, the colors of the flag of the Republic of the Philippines.

The Philippine flag was also painted right at the side of the airbus along with the words “Philippine Airlines”.

Just a few days away before delivering the new airbus A350 to the Philippines and it has already gained attention from the excited passengers who want to ride the airbus as soon as possible.

Passengers who are very excited in riding the airbus commented about the exteriors of the A350, some even suggested they paint the plane wholly with the Filipino flag colors.

Philippine Airlines originally placed an order for 6 A350-900 air crafts back in 2016 and the 1st A350 already painted with the colors of the Filipino flag will be delivered in the late 2018.

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