PH Ranks First On The Most Time Spent On Social Media For The Third Time

Filipinos really love to socialize. Talking with other people has been a part of the Filipino norm. We love to post our adventures and experiences online so that people can see it. This is our own way on how we can connect with other people. Social media has been a great platform in connecting people around the world.

Today, social media was being used to promote important campaigns. And because people are always in social media, these campaigns become a success.

Global Web Index surveyed internet users aged from 16-64 and they found out that Philippines rank first, three years in a row for being the most active country on social media. They found out that an average user in the Philippines spends almost four hours on social media everyday. Brazil and Argentina ranks second and third in social media usage.

Some researchers says that it must be because of the internet speed of the Philippines. Fixed broadband speed here is among the slowest in Asia Pacific while mobile connections are among the fastest.

Surveys says the Philippines’ internet and social media users grew by over 25 percent. This really makes us the ‘Social Nation’ of the world.