Periods: Let’s Talk About It

Periods: Let’s Talk About It


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Periods: The start of a new time in a girl’s life. Some even refer to periods as the time a girl becomes a woman. Getting your monthly cycle is a seminal moment for anyone. It is when expenses get a little bit more and life gets a bit more hassle. Here’s everything you need to know about periods, perfect for your friend or relative who just started their period or if you simply just want to understand women more.

What is a period?

Periods can also be referred to as menstruation. Periods are when blood and tissue that is lining the uterus sheds and flows out of the vagina. Periods typically occur every month for women with a regular menstrual cycle.

What is a menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is a monthly occurrence wherein a woman body goes through certain changes. Every month, the ovaries release an egg, this is called ovulation, a time where a woman is most fertile. During ovulation, hormonal changes occur to prepare the vagina for pregnancy. That is why if ovulation occurs, but the egg released was not fertilized then the uterus sheds its lining through the vagina. Thus a period is also a signal that a woman is not pregnant.

When does the menstrual cycle occur?

Menstrual cycles are counted from day 1 of your current period up until day 1 of your next period. It can last an interval of 28 days or more.

How long should a menstrual cycle be?

Every woman’s cycle can vary that is why there is a range of what is considered “normal” rather than a set number. Menstrual cycles can be 21 days to 35 days long.

Should I track my menstrual cycle?

You can track your menstrual cycle through apps like “Clue” or “PeriodTracker” or manually through a calendar. You should track your menstrual cycle to know and anticipate when you will get your period. To track your moods, skin, hair, or digestive status. If your cycle has various lengths, it is a good idea to track your period so that if you decide to visit the doctor, you have a timeline you can share.

What causes period cramps?

Period cramps are normal for some women, and abnormal for others, it depends on the health and hormones of each woman. Period cramps are caused by the period itself. To shed it’s lining, the uterus contracts, which is that painful feeling.

Should I use pads, tampons, or a menstrual cup?

As long as you have a period, you can use any of the options. However, that is more of a personal choice, depending on your lifestyle and preference. To learn more about each option you can check out this article [LINK TO PERIOD CUP VS PAD VS TAMPON ARTICLE]

How do I know if I have an irregular period?

Irregular periods are a common occurrence for many women. Irregular just refers to the fact that the length of your period may not be the same every month. Your menstrual cycle length, your hormone changes, your cravings, or even your cramps may not be the same every month.

If my periods are irregular should I go to the doctor?

Keep in mind that if you’re taking contraception like birth control methods, this can alter your normal period cycle. Periods are irregular not if they don’t fit a description you read online but if it strays away from your normal. If you normally had a 7 day period and it suddenly turned into 2 days for one month then 5 days the next month, you may want to consult with your doctor.

Is it normal to miss a period?

Missing your period for 1 month may be characterized by weight or hormone changes. If you missed your period for several months and you’re not pregnant or experiencing menopause, you may want to consult with your doctor.

What is menopause?

From the word itself, menopause is when menstruation pauses or stops. This happens to women around 49 years old and older.

What is PMS?

PMS is Premenstrual syndrome. It refers to the time right before you get your period. During PMS you may experience, tender breasts, bloating, mood swings, intense cravings and many more. Not to worry, PMS is a normal thing that may take a while to get used to especially if you just got your period for the first time.

Periods, a lot of questions, and a lot of answers, but overall an experience that is a milestone for many.

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