Parents, Here Are Some Tips To Protect Your Children On Social Media

With the recent issues and death reports linked to the so-called “Momo Challenge,” parents have been on the look out for their children’s safety.

The said “suicide challenge” places spliced videos of a bird-like figure called “Momo” in between cartoon or animated videos on Youtube.

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From there, the character will begin a series of challenges that include alienating themselves from other people, self-harm and even suicide.

Besides the Momo Challenge, there has been several alike applications and harmful content that circulate online. Although it helps in connecting people, social media sites are prone to phishing or stealing personal data, especially for those of younger age.

Here are some tips to protect your child from being victimized:

1. REGULARLY CHECK their social media usage especially for CHILDREN 10 YEARS OLD AND BELOW

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It is also better if you have a specific place for your children where you can see them use smart gadgets.

2. TEACH your kids the importance of PRIVACY.

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As social media sites can be used by hackers and predators. Remind them the golden rule, “Don’t talk to strangers” and “Think before you click.”

3. You should also FAMILIARIZE yourself of different social media sites and apps available.

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Although some have age restrictions, kids can sometimes lie about their age to access apps and sites. Be sure to check those.

4. Lastly, TALK to your children.

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Sometimes the lack of communication within the family sets your children away from you. Do not hesitate to ask them questions about their personal life and their online activity.

Social media is expanding, so is your knowledge! With the occurrence of such harmful content around, it is a must to be vigilant and critical, on or offline.

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