Paolo, Valeen Agree To Be Lovers In Karelasyon

This Saturday’s (Dec. 31) episode of Karelasyon features TV host-actress Valeen Montenegro and actor-comedian Paolo Contis playing the role of high school best friends who agreed to be lovers.

Until now, Bela (Valeen), has yet to find true love. But like many people, Bela believes it will happen at the right time.

Bela goes to her high school reunion where she gets to see Ben (Paolo)—her childhood best friend who used to
protect her from their classmates who were bullying her.

The childhood buddies will not only reminisce about their friendship but also the pact they made back then–that should they see each other again and found themselves old enough yet still single, they would agree to be together instead.

Is Ben the man that Bela has been waiting for all along? And is Bela the right girl for Ben?

Joining Paolo and Valeen in this unusual romcom story are Jemwell Ventinilla, Nicole Dulalia, and Chamyto.

Written by Jon Verzosa and directed by Zig Dulay, watch Karelasyon with Carla Abellana this Saturday after #LIKE on GMA 7.