Paningning: The Dog Who Sleeps Like A Human

Have you ever seen a dog lying on its back while sleeping and her arms and legs are touching the floor, just like how a human does?

Well, here is Paningning for you!

Paningning is a one-month old Shih Tzu who is taking over social media sites just by her cuteness! Her owner, who is also enamored by her, took a photo of her and her siblings while they were taking a nap, and voila, she is now an internet superstar!

As we can see in the photos circulating in the internet, she is the only one who has white fur and is the only one who sleeps in the odd position among her siblings. It is said that her owners named her ‘Maningning’, which means bright in Filipino, because she is the only one who has white fur while her siblings have brown fur. But because the owner’s daughter wanted her name to start with ‘P’ it became Paningning.

Because of her photo that went viral on social media, many people created various memes and edited photos of her for entertainment.

You may find this cute pup so tempting to take home, but unfortunately, the owner says that she is not for sale.

Photo Credit: Janess Cua’s Facebook Account

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