Pangasinenses Get Free Housing Units From Government

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) office in Region 1 (Ilocos), National Housing Authority (NHA), and the city government of Alaminos, turned over some 12 houses to the recipients of the Core Shelter Assistance Program (CSAP) on Tuesday.

City Social Welfare Development officer Imelda Ruiz of this city said these new units brought the total number of housing units at barangay Longos here given out to beneficiaries to 58.

Ruiz said 113 more housing units in Barangay Lucap were already completed, while 19 units in Barangay Victoria are under construction.

“We will be giving another 14 units situated at Barangay Lucap, to the recipients within this month,” she said in an interview Wednesday.

Through the CSAP, the DSWD granted to the city the 500 housing units worth PHP65 million.

Ruiz recalled that in 2015, city mayor Arthur Celeste requested housing assistance from the DSWD for the residents living in hazard zones.

“We were able to identify these recipients following typhoon ‘Lando’, which affected the city and destroyed the houses of our indigent residents,” she said.

Ruiz noted the beneficiaries were families that do not have their own houses, have no regular jobs, and are considered poorest of the poor.

The NHA took charge of developing the lands that are sites for the housing project, while the city government of Alaminos provided the lot needed.

“The lot in Longos, which is about 8,000 square meters, was donated by the mayor’s friend,” she said.

The houses were bungalow type and the beneficiaries themselves helped in building their own houses.

“We implemented bayanihan system so we tapped the able beneficiaries to help in the construction, and they are given incentive through the cash for work by the DSWD. The agency gave additional PHP1 million for the livelihood assistance to the families,” she said.

The city government, she added, opted for single bungalow type instead of the usual duplex type housing to provide space for the backyard gardening program in the core shelter housings.

“We encourage the families to have a backyard gardening. We actually have a contest on this and people can also pick and buy their goods, as we aim for the livelihood of the beneficiaries and development of the area as well,” Ruiz explained.

She said the beneficiaries are continuously motivated as other projects are being introduced to them.

The housing units were given for free but the recipients are prohibited from selling or renting out their houses, Ruiz added. (PNA)

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