Oktoberfest Isn’t All About Beers And Rock Bands

When we hear the word “Oktoberfest”, we just think about beers and rock bands and party all-night. We always look at it like it was just for adults and mostly for boys. That’s not actually the case. Oktoberfest has been celebrated worldwide and it has so many forms.

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In the Philippines, Oktoberfest is celebrated with rock bands to play while you enjoy your beer and company. But in Germany, they have a special kick for it. Beer and music was also on their menu when it comes to Oktoberfests but there’s more to it than we can imagine.

Oktoberfest originally is the world’s largest Volksfest or Beer Festival. It is held annually in Baravia, Germany. But now, they visited the Philippines for us to experience the original Oktoberfest and what it really means. Solaire Resort and Casino was in witness on how Germans celebrate their Oktoberfest.

It was the same as our San Miguel Oktoberfest but the difference was they don’t limit themselves with just beer. They have an unlimited supply of beer and food. They offer their own German sausage and apple pies. They also have a performer group who came all they way from Germany just for the Filipinos to hear authentic German Oktoberfest music.

Solaire’s gallery was transformed into a big tent packed with over 100 guests. They had a three day long celebration from October 12-15. You can join and have all the beer and food that you like for only Php 2,999 per person. Bringing of friends and family is the best idea because for them, Oktoberfest is about gathering around and dancing to celebrate the importance of family and friends.

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