New Netflix Original Series To Watch

Just well over three weeks ago, three new Netflix original series’ trailers were released to the world and is expected to debut this June. So, for those who think that they may have possibly watched almost everything on the video on demand service platform (which, by the way, is that even possible??), then think again.

Here are Netflix’s new series to get hooked on:

First up is “Trinkets”, a series which tells the story of what happens when three girls connect and eventually form a friendship through their love of shoplifting. Its trailer shows how the girls meet in a Shoplifters Anonymous Group and are actually quite disdainful with on another at first. Although soon enough, the three begin bonding over their “problem” of stealing as they each also deal with issues from their personal lives. I guess, sometimes, we really do find friendship in the strangest of places.

“Trinkets” aired on June 14

Then we have “Jinn”, an Arabic series that focuses on, well, Jinns, supernatural spirits in Islamic and Arabian culture. A group of high school students find themselves involved with these entities after a school field trip goes horribly wrong with the death of one of their friends. It is then made apparent how two jinns have escaped into the real world—one being evil and the other good—as one of them asks help from the students to bring his fellow other back to the world they belong.

“Jinn” aired on June 13

Finally, we have “Leila”, an Indian series that is set in a dystopian future where people are highly and primarily classified by their caste and, as the official description from Netflix says, “where purity is law”. So when a woman marries a man of another caste and has a child with him, she finds herself thrown into a frenzy of chaos and secrets especially after her husband is killed and daughter is kidnapped by the government. Years later, the woman goes on a mission to find her daughter and uncover more about the secrets of what happens to all those mixed raced children after the government takes them away.

“Leila” aired on June 14

So better clear some of those weekend schedules and stash on those popcorn and chips. Your Netflix things-to-watch list may just about to get even better.