New ‘Game Of Thrones Season 7’ Trailer Reveals Winter Has Come

Despite the world feeling the scorching heat of the summer, nothing can stop the cold season to come as disclosed in the new trailer of Game Of Thrones Season 7.

HBO’s Game of Thrones relieved the agony of its viewers as they finally released another trailer of its much-awaited Season 7. And yes, the new trailer revealed that “winter is here” and that “the enemy is real”.

The new glimpse to the season offers great deal of action as per the presence of Westero’s many warring factions and a lot of dragons. But, ultimately, the houses are uniting to fight against a common enemy.

It’s not confirmed who the “enemy” they were talking about is but the hair-raising presence of the Night King means that the revolt is between them and his army of White Walkers.

The trailer still confuses viewers and excites them on what’s about to happen in the last two seasons but one hint rises as the trailer concludes. With Sansa’s recollection of her father’s death highlights the idea that the long-quarreling houses of Westeros will have to come together for one main reason: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies — but the pack survives.”

Game Of Thrones is set to return for its 7th season on the 16th day of July.

Watch the trailer here: