Netizens Go Wild With Latest Discovery: Local Tom Ellis

Unless it’s a really notable figure (typically celebrities) or someone who has had a really amazing glow-up, let’s face it, we don’t always care or pay much attention for anyone else’s #NewProfilePic.

Even with politicians or government leaders, people are often more interested to see (and, favorably, to criticize) what they are doing on a daily to help change and improve their country’s state of affairs. From their latest advocacy, their comments regarding an occurring issue or being a guest on a popular late night show, most people are like hawks when it comes to politicians’ every move either to highly support them upon their latest initiative or to wait for the chance to finally jump on the condemnation train the very moment they mess up. Because that’s just the way politics has been for the longest of time.

Therefore, if these politicians were to have an aesthetic to their social media feed then that would be their campaigns, whatever issues of both their country and the world they would like to help fix, which new fellow politician they have recently met to talk about the issues of the world and the occasional environmental photo of them planting saplings for a greener future. If ever there are to be things not related to these aforementioned topics, like say how former-U.S. president Barack Obama throws in some family pictures on his Instagram once in a while, then the response of people normally depend on just how influential and popular this politician is to the public.

So, imagine to one’s surprise how a local politician here in the Philippines who, at most, receives just well-over a couple of thousand likes for a post is suddenly trending simply because of a Facebook profile picture update.

The new Facebook profile picture that has gotten netizens buzzing about.

Leo Carmelo “Toto” L. Locsin, Jr., current vice mayor of Ormoc, finds himself in that very position as we speak. He recently changed his Facebook profile picture of him poised at his office desk with his nameplate featuring his title of “Hon. Leo Carmelo Locsin, Jr.” in red bold letters while underneath it runs “City Vice Mayor & Presiding Officer” in black. For someone who, again, gets less than a thousand likes to most of his posts, his latest profile picture change has already garnered 10,000 reacts with 13,000 shares since it was posted just a week ago.

But for those who at first glance can’t seem to find any reason as to why a mere profile picture change from this local politician is suddenly the talk of the town, then maybe the following picture below can help clear things up a little bit more.

Toto vs. Tom

On the left we have vice-mayor Toto Locsin, Jr. To the right, British star of the hit former Fox and now Netflix television series’ Lucifer, Tom Ellis.

Filipino netizens have suddenly been going wild at this uncanny resemblance between the two men and, apart from the profile picture post itself, have found themselves commenting quotes from the T.V. series or even just calling him Mr. Morningstar (as Ellis’ character is sometimes formaly referred to) under the vice-mayor’s old posts as well.

The Ormoc mayor and vice mayor that have become heartthrobs to many.

And although this comparison to the British actor is quite new, the vice mayor has already previously found himself part of a few listicles which feature the best looking politicians or sons of politicians (as he is the son of former Congressman and former Mayor of Ormoc Leo Carmelo “Toto” Locsin, Sr.) in the Philippines. In one listicle, it was even said how netizens apparently call him and his running mate plus current Ormoc mayor and actor Richard Gomez as the “Ormoc Baes”. Others have simply dubbed the duo as “political hotties”.

Richard Gomez’s wife, current Leyte 4th District representative and actress, Lucy Torres has known the vice mayor since their elementary school days.

With that being said, what’s your take on the comparison?

Photo credits: Leo Carmelo “Toto” L. Locsin, Jr.’s Official Facebook Page, @lucifernetflix and @lucytgomez